Research Report

Topics: Household income in the United States, Statistical significance, Student Pages: 32 (8451 words) Published: March 18, 2013
List of illustration
Executive Summary
1.0 Background of study
Research Problem
1.2 Research Objectives
Literature Review
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Definition of spending.
2.3 Definition of spending behavior.
2.4 Main items that students spend most of their money on
2.5 Factors Influencing Spending Behavior among Malaysian College Students Theoretical Framework
Research Methodology
3.0 Introduction

3.1 Research Design

3.2 Research Instrument
3.3 Population and Sampling
3.4 Pilot Study to test the validity and reliability of questionnaire 3.5 Data Collection
3.5.1. Primary Data Collection
3.5.2 Secondary Data
3. 6 Data Analysis

Data Analysis
4.0 Introduction
4.1 Demographics of Respondents
4.2 Family Social Economic Status
4.3 Sources of Allowance
4.4 Savings
4.5 Spending Behavior among College Students
4.5.1 Perception of Factors Influencing Spending Behavior According to the Respondents 4.5.2 Relationship between Factors that Influencing Spending Behaviour among college students 4.5.3 Predictors of Spending Behaviour

Conclusion & Recommendation

5.1 Recommendations

5.1.1 Create a budget
5.1.2 Keep track of the finance activities online
5.1.3 Avoid impulse purchases
5.1.4 Limit temptation
5.1.5 Establish self-discipline


Consumer behaviour focuses on the study of the why, when and how the people will buy or not buy a product. The report focuses on the demographic of male and female college student between the age of 18-25 and looking at their behaviour in spending money in order to gain a product that often times leads to a financial crisis. The report has suggested the meaning of spending and spending behaviour for the users understanding.

The research made focuses on the item that college student often spends their money on with the likes of food, technological gadgets, tuition fees, books and etc. Most of the dollar spent on certain items such as gadgets, designer fashion trends are often influence by some factor. From the research, it is known those parents, colleagues, media advertising are the major contributor on how and why people spent their dollars and cents.

The questions in the survey look at the variables of education level, household income, student’s source and amount of income, side income, savings frequency and etc. The research has collected significant data by looking at the percentage, mean and standard deviation and is used as a guide in understanding on how the variables affect the behaviour of consumers.

There are some recommendations that have been discussed in order to limit the amount of money spent which are: i.Create a budget
ii.Use online tools to monitor finance activities
iii.Avoid unnecessary purchases
iv.Lower self-temptation towards a certain product
v.Have great discipline in controlling cash 
1.0 Background of study
The spending behavior among college students has been an attention to many individuals in recent years. College students, who are usually in their late teens and in their mid-twenties, are one of the most targeted consumers by marketers as a result to their willingness to spend. This is because teens are a growing market since the teen population will expand from 32.4 million in 2000 to 33.5 million in 2010 (Teen Market Profile, 2003, p. 4). College students manage their money based on several potential factors which are age, personality traits and knowledge. It is a common scenario where college students have limited incomes and high expenses which make them organize their money differently. This scenario is also automatically related to whether college students are spending their in a positive way or otherwise. Some may think that as these students grow older and mature so will their money management skills. However, college students spending may increase...
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