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Research Report| December 9
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English of instruction in Korea
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
South Korea is famous for many multinational companies and corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG group. The use of English for business contacts is gradually becoming important due to the enlarged of international trade of South Korea (an “Expanding Circle” country). Therefore, the implement of English of instruction in tertiary school would not only benefit for the national economy but also have higher attentions from international students. However, in order to apply English language instruction, the problems are inevitable. This report serves as an analysis of foreign relation of South Korea, the benefit from English and also some problems. As well, given recommendations on the solutions and the extent of this implementation. 3. Findings

3.1 Foreign relation of South Korea

South Korea maintains diplomatic relations with more than 188 countries. In general, according to The IMF journal published in March 2012, five main trade partners of South Korea are China, Saudi Arabia, United State, Japan and European Union. In spite of the fact that China, which is a neighborhood country and have trading agreement with South Korea from 1992 ( Yonhap New Agency), remains the largest trade partner, the potential benefits from US and EU are foreseen. Since these two partners have already signed Free Trade Agreement ( FTA) and entered into force in 2011 ( EU) and 2012 ( US), transporting goods and services between each other would be expanded and improved in a next few years. Therefore, the use of English for business contact plays a vital role to South Korea economy. Furthermore, many multinational companies and corporations of South Korea have offices in English-spoken countries also give bigger job opportunities for employers from their nation that can use English.

3.2 Benefit from English of instruction
South Korea has seen...
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