Research Reading Newspaper Habits

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I. Introduction

B. Background of the Study
Newspapers help to improve reading habits, knowledge and awareness. They can be part of good study habits for students in any area of specialization. Malaysia is a developing country with many ethnic communities who wish to live together. Efforts to solve cultural adaptation problems should be multi-dimensional and long term. Nowadays many students are not aware alert with the information surrounding and the current issue that happened in the world and Malaysia especially. Therefore, we are really believed that by reading the newspaper will help student especially to gain their knowledge.

A newspaper is usually an everyday publication. It contains news, opinions, advertisements, notice and information of all kinds. It also publishes all matters of general interest. It is a very useful mass medium. It keeps people aware about the current events of the world. It publishes views about national and international issues and public opinion. Commodity prices, share market reports, race course events, sports news, news about films, fashions and entertainments are some of its regular features. Newspapers have also columns for children and women and even for the students' preparation for examination. In fact, a newspaper is an encyclopaedia, a store house of knowledge and information at the cheapest price. Thus a newspaper bears interest of every section of people and is an attraction for every kind of readers.

C. Problem Statement
By reading the newspaper we really ensure that there are important for college students, whose needs being up to date with the issue around them. Many of them are not taking serious with the knowledge that happened and the levels of their knowledge of the current issues are very low. That will give the negative effect of their knowledge of current issues and might be effect when they want to find the job in the future.

D. Purpose
The purpose of this report is to investigate the newspaper reading habits among part 4 students in UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka.

E. Objective
The objectives of the report are to investigate the newspaper reading habits of Part 4 students in UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka and recommend the action that should be taken to enhance these habits among the students.

F. Significant Report

I. To the respondents
This research is hoped to give hands to students in measuring their level of global and current issue knowledge by reading the newspaper. It also helps them to improve their languages and communication skill weakness by reading the newspapers. This research is a guide to helping college students take charge of their learning in their university environment, by capitalizing on their motivation arising from curiosity. It helps students gain independence from the lecture-study-exam system, with a resulting sense of thinking "I know my stuff". The guide argues that many students who do not work to their potential have a low awareness of behaviours that contribute to academic success.

II. To the researchers
This research will give the researcher some knowledge about the factors that influence UiTM students of reading habits. The researcher will get experience due to exposure to the real situation as it require researcher to communicate directly to the respondents. The environmental situation can be useful in the future for the researcher in dealing with the real environment.

III. To the faculty
With this study, the researchers expect that faculty will develop strategic solutions regarding newspaper reading habits if we found out that most of the students have newspaper reading habits are very low. Furthermore, this study also can assist other students to gather information and make reference to findings from past research.

G. Limitations
This study has several limitations which are:

I. The sample...
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