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Topics: HIV, Sexual intercourse, AIDS Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Name: Crystal Lopez
School: School of Computer Science (Champ Fleur)
Subject: Research Paper
Assignment: 1 Research Proposal
Instructor: Robin Ramsingh

HIV/AIDS has taken the world by storm with its vast impact on society, which shows no respect for race, age or gender. Subsequently, Trinidad being one of the smaller Caribbean countries has not been spared of this rising epidemic. The Government of Trinidad has taken a great emphasis on HIV/AIDS awareness, and ensuring that infected individuals are comfortable. Although there has been progress with regards to medication, there is still a battle of discrimination that has not yet been addressed. In the city of San Fernando, there are foundations that are dedicated to spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS. These foundations have impress upon how important it is to be tested, and how the virus can be contracted. Weather or not these foundations have been successful in penetrating the minds of teenagers in San Fernando, is yet to be seen. Each year it’s given that the teenage pregnancies statistics have been on the increase, which indicates that individuals are still having unprotected sex. The aim of this project is to ascertain weather or not teenagers of San Fernando have taken the HIV/AIDS epidemic seriously, and if statistically rates of infected teenagers has decreased or increased. RESEARCH QUESTIONS

1. Has the rates of infected teenagers in San Fernando led to a decrease in the incidence of HIV/AIDS? 2. Has the rates of infected teenagers led to an increase of safe sex practices? 3. What are some of the reasons for this rising epidemic of HIV/AIDS among teenager of San Fernando? LITERATURE REVIEW

Tony Fraser (2002) “Early Sexual Activity Raises HIV Risk for Trinidad and Tobago Girls” his paper presents the findings of the survey conducted among...
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