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This introduction will describe about the background information of my study that is transportation problem among Universiti Kuala Lumpur Business School(UBIS) students. Besides that I also discuss about objectives of my study and suggestion for Unikl Business School to provide a better transport services for UBIS students .These all are commonly surveyed about the topics like the factors,solutions and effects of transportation problems.


Background of this proposal is based on Merrian Webster Dictionary,transportation means on act,process,or instance of transporting or being transported.University campuses very district communities.They are places where people of different background,incomes,lifestyle,and attitudes do come together to live,study,work and recreate.Unikl Business School is combined with UKM Yayasan Selangor Builidings.There have an office in level 8 and classrooms at level 11,13,13A.

Shuttle bus itinerary University Kuala Lumpur campus residential college for the session of January 2013.

From Residential College On Campus
Time| Number of Buses| KKS|
7.30a.m| 5 bus| 2 bus-JPE3 bus-JT|
8.30a.m| 2 bus| JPE&JT|
9.45a.m| 2 bus| JPE&JT|
10.45a.m| 1 bus| JPE&JT|
12.00 p.m| 1 bus| JPE&JT|

From Campus To Residential

Time | Number of buses| KKS|
2.OO P.M| 1 BUS| JPE&JT|
2.30 P.M| 1 BUS| JPE&JT|
3.15 P.M| 1 BUS| JPE&JT|
4.00 P.M| 1 BUS| JPE&JT|
5.00 P.M| 2 BUS| JPE&JT|
6,00 P.M| 2 BUS| JPE&JT|
6.45 P.M| 2 BUS| JPE&JT|
7.30 P.M| 1 BUS| JPE&JT|
8.45 P.M| 1 BUS| JPE&JT|


Based on the Undergraduate Prospectus 2012/2013 UBIS provides hostel for most of the students from the first year.If students learn to make seduction for the hostel for the next semester,UBIS provide hostels to them.However,two of the hostels which is girls hostels and boys hostel are situated far from the UBIS buildings and other facilities around the campus.Hostel UBIS is located at Jalan Tandok,Bangsar but campus located at Kampung Baru Kuala Lumpur.The diastance between UBIS Yayasan Selangor with hostels Jalan Tandok,Bangsar more than 5km will take about 20 minutes.If it was traffic will be taken over 30 minutes to reach campus. The problem is UBIS is only available two bus only to all students who living in hostels.All students have to take the bus provided by the UBIS.Many students able to take the bus on time.This is because of the bus does not come in time to hostel by given time as provided in the timetable.Therefore some students are forced to use public transporatation.The cost of Public Transportation is quite high and some students unable to manage the financial problem.Total of using public transportation is Rm 6.00 which is from hostel jalan tandok to LRT Bangsar is Rm1.00 by bus,LRT Bangsar to KLCC by lrt is Rm 2.00 and from KLCC to Yayasan Selangor by cab will be charged Rm3.00 and if there are any traffic jem will be charged Rm 5.00.This increases student burden.Therefore some students unable to go class on time.Its causes the self-study students topics are taught by lecturers.This situation brings a lot of problems to the student who come to class late. Not only that,some students have to use their own transport which is the bring their vehicle to campus or hostels such as motorbike,and car. Based on this proposal,I have found many factors which causes transportation problems mainly on campus area.According to Newman &Kentworthy(1999) automobiles not only are the focus of transportation system but they very often push the planning decision of making process.It is extensively accepted thet trends in motoriazation on university campuses equate those experienced by society at large.In the last decade,campus planner have struggled to provide as distinct communities.Pointsatte & Toor,(2001) states that...
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