Research Proposal on Aging Mind and Memory

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  • Published: June 1, 2011
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Aging mind and memory

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Literature review13


The research aims at determining the affect of dementia on the lives of individuals and how it impacts on their social interactions. The research will also identify the ways in which aging individuals can refrain themselves from falling prey to this disease. It will highlight some important information for caregivers who will better understand this disease and will know how to deal with people who have this disease. As we all know prevention is better than cure hence it is important to know what dementia is and how it can be curbed or avoided. If any form of dementia is identified in the earlier stages of development it can be slowed down. Studies and researches suggest that dementia is gradually becoming prevalent in our society. It is important to analyze and evaluate the impact it has on individuals and their behavior. This study focuses on analyzing whether dementia leads to depression and other diseases and what precautionary measures may be taken by caregivers to reduce its impact. A personal contact with a close one suffering from Alzheimer’s lead me to believe that patients who suffer from this disease develop feelings of depression and anxiety. I strongly believe that such feelings are developed by most of the patients suffering from dementia. This research will set out to prove that dementia causes feelings of depression and anxiety. It is a correlation study. The research proposal entails how the variables will be operatioanlised and how this research will be conducted.


This research proposal is an attempt to study the effects of Aging on the most complex organ of the human body, the brain and to assess...
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