Research Proposal Olericulture; Growing of Vegetables

Topics: Agriculture, Master's degree, Master of Science Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: March 16, 2012
During the study period of graduation, choosing a major for the Master of Science, can be really tough for nearly every student who is willing and applying for higher education in abroad. But for me, not the case. I've made up my mind to study and research in Olericulture, as Pakistan is an Agricultural country and nearly 70% people are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture and earn their livelihood from agriculture. Olericluture is one of the most important subdivisions of agriculture. It deals with the production, storage, processing and marketing of vegetables. It encompasses crop establishment, including cultivar selection, seedbed preparation and establishment of vegetable crops by seed and transplants. How I made this decision was truly this simple, but effective. That was many years ago and during my graduation years, the original thought that population of Pakistan is growing very fast and people are moving towards urban areas and building houses, more and more agricultureal land is utilized to build houses, no enough space for growing crops. Years of education has made it pretty clear to me that how important and happy it would be if I can do something I love for the rest of my life. I think I'm on it now and I'm also working hard while happily to keep on it. This is not the only reason I choose Olericulture as my major though, I do, at the same time, be aware of the fact that, in many cases, a scientist may not only do the research he is interested in. He might have to work with some international companies, which export vegetable and vegetable products to different countires to earn foreign exchange or government agencies on some projects. It is my belief that one should take people's and country's needs into account. For example, Pakistan’s agriculture sector is facing certain problems like, too much use of pesticide and insecticide, the use of pesticide and insecticide directly and indirectly affects the health of human being. Awareness...
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