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REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON Paix –Travail – Patrie Peace – Work – Fatherland

UNIVERSITE DE YAOUNDE II UNIVERSITY OF YAOUNDE II BP. 1365 Yaounde – Cameroon P.O Box. 1365 Yaounde – Cameroon

Bachelor of Social Work Summary Thesis By TEMENU AFENDIA FOBELLA (Law/Sociology/Political Science) Title: Demanding a Voice: The Indigenous Struggle in Buea, Cameroon

The population of Cameroon is one of diverse backgrounds,with over 260 tribes with each tribe having its own distinct dialect. of which its indigenous population constituting the Youthful and Middle age group. As the first settlers of the territory

constituting present-day Cameroon, the Bantus should provide a strong cultural and economic base for the country. Yet throughout this land’s history, the Bantus have always been the segment of the population that has suffered the most. Their exploitation began when the Portuguese "discovered" Cameron in 1472,later in 1884 came the German annexation of Cameroon: and in 1919:

Cameroon was divided between France and Britain: and finally in 1960: was the Independence of French Cameroon, con
After Cameroon gained its independence form Britain and France in the 1960’s, the subordination of the indigenous population remained active throughout the years of restucturing and reform. Because the first Bantu-tribes immigrated to Cameroon from North (Nigeria),The English speaking have maintained the lowest level in the socioeconomic hierarchy of Cameroon since after independence. The abuse throughout these five centuries has been manifested through the exploitation of indigenous labor, degradation of Indian culture, lack of political voice, and exclusion from social work programs, leaving indigenous areas without the necessary social and economic...
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