Research Proposal Graphene

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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Single layer graphene and few layer graphene as recently shown to have numerous scientific and technological breakthroughs having novel nano device application.

Develop graphene sheet (GS) used for different applications. It can be utilized for mobile applications, solar cells, combine with storage material and organic light emitting diode.

Introduction and Background

Graphene based companies are emerging as new class of materials that are having several applications. Graphene a single sheet of graphite posses extraordinary electrical, thermal and mechanical properties arising from its unique structure. When incorporated into polymer or ceramic materials these properties manifest as remarkable improvements in the host material. Graphene based polymer composite exhibit extraordinary low material percolation threshold (o.1 vol%) due to large conductivity and aspect ratio of graphene sheets. The mechanical and thermal properties of these materials rank among the best in comparison with other carbon based composites due to strong interactions between polymer hosts and graphene sheets. The highly conductive nature of graphene and ease of incorporation into polymers and ceramics has also opened up the possibility of their use as transparent conductors. Graphene is a zero band gap semiconductor exhibiting large electric field effect. Allow doping with electrons or holes via electrostatic gating. The fact that graphene does not have a band gap poses a challenge for digital applications, but it’s high mobility is attractive for high frequency analog electronics on spin electronics. The semiconducting and robust mechanical properties of reduce graphene have been exploited for micro scale thin film electronic devices and high performance resonators. The compatibility of graphene with polymers and ceramics opens up a route toward realization of semiconducting composite materials from electricity passive host...
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