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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Lyceum of the Philippines University
College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management


|(Working)/ Title : | | | |A Study on Alumni Students Of Lyceum of the Philippines University Who Become Professors | | 2.0 Name of Proponent(s) |2.1 College/Department | |Jielena Rose Mercado |CITHM | |Marie Arianna Aguilar | | |Erika Hipolito | | |Kenneth Maranan | | |Sarah Ilusorio | | |3.0 Statement of the Problem / Objectives of the Study (Formulate the research objectives) | | | |This research will prove that by being part of the University you graduated from is a very special way of giving contribution to yourself and others. Most | |people wanted to do great things outside the boundaries of school. That is a very common selection. But it is very uncommon when one stays behind and wanted to | |help others grow and succeed. Being a reason for the success of other people is a very intimidating and fulfilling career. Most only wanted to attain their | |dreams and success for themselves. If one is caring enough to impart their knowledge that is something of great value. One doesn’t need to be the president or | |be someone. He can share his talent in ways that are common but gives valuable meaning to other people’s life. Maybe they need to make us realize that money is| |not everything. At a very early phase in their career life, which is after graduation, they have realized that happiness cannot be brought. They found happiness| |in teaching. They made it not only as profession but also as very great career. | |Sometimes one discovers his purpose in life so late. But professors who were former students in their school did not fall into that trap. They immediately made | |a purpose after graduation. They made it is a passion to teach. It is our objective to find out why they do so and why they wanted to. Our team thinks that | |studying their motives behind their reasons is very interesting. If we could know their motives we can adapt it too and make our present careers productive and | |full of passion like what they did. We can share in their enthusiasm in their performance which most employees of other careers lost and have faded after few | |years of work. If we can find out those reasons we can share it and enrich our lives by working hard like these professors do. | |4.0 Background of the Study (Discuss the significance of the study, how the study contributes to existing knowledge,...