Research Proposal for Candy Crush

Topics: Research, Research and development, Research methods Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Proposal of market research plan for “Candy Crush”

A) Background Information

1. Product Introduction
“Candy Crush” is a popular smartphone application launch by on 15th November. It was original an application launch on social platform, Facebook. It is a puzzle game which requires you create rows or columns with three candies of the same color to remove them. Removing 4-5 same color candies at the same time can create special candies with different functions. Combine the special sweets to create spectacular effects that crush even more candy. Players will be given a variety of puzzling objectives as they work their way through the levels available at launch, slowly thinking about their next move and how it’s going to affect their overall goals.

2. Company – is a leader and pioneer in making games for players all around the world since 2003. The first portfolio of games was launched with the name The portfolio focused on tournament style skill games played on the web and by 2005, US$3 million in prizes had been won across 15 million game players. To transform into, the company has grown the gaming network beyond the web onto Facebook, social, mobile, Google+ and the HTML5 platform. However, all the games offer is free of charge. It is hard for them to make profit since research and development requires a lot of capital. Their income is come from the companies which want to put advertisement on their applications. The smartphone application industry is growing very fast the past 5 years, most of the people rely on their smartphone’s applications to kill time while travelling on transportation, idle moments or even at work or school. Therefore, a well-designed, interesting, interactive application can easily be popular. Also, a good application’s review is easily spread by word of mouth with the help of social network, such as Facebook and Youtube. As is...
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