Research Proposal – Employee Smoking Break

Topics: Academic publishing, Scientific method, Peer review Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: February 4, 2011
Intro to Graduate Study 165 points (in total)

Your final paper is challenging and will incorporate many skills you are going to learn in this class. You will complete a research proposal on a communication topic of interest you would like to study through its literature review. It will be your job to create research questions and/or hypotheses you can answer in a study, locate or craft survey questions if necessary, how you would systematically conduct the study, and project why doing this study is important. Minimum requirements for passing grade consideration (B): 1. The paper must have a title on a title page that provides a clear idea of what you are interested in studying. Do not use vague abstractions. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR FIRST DRAFT (Maximum: 20 words)

2. An introduction section (about ¾-1½ pages) which will give us a sense why you believe doing is worthwhile. This introduction section must include a clear purpose statement for the study. This clear purpose statement should take you no more than two sentences to write. 3. A literature review section (9-13 pages) of a) the key variables/concepts you want to study and possibly conceptually define (and if necessary) b) the theory logic driving your study. This is important to help you make the case for the research questions and/or hypotheses you would want to study. a. IMPORTANT: SYNTHEIZE YOUR RESEARCH AND LINK YOUR LITERATURE TO YOUR RESEARCH QUESTIONS!!

i. DO make arguments in a literature review for doing your research questions and hypotheses
ii. DO NOT merely present us a summary of articles you read on the topic. iii. DO NOT answer you research questions in your literature review. 4. Research questions and/or Hypotheses section. These can be included as a part of the literature review section OR you can create a separate section for these just after the literature review. You will want to briefly summarize your argument for why each research question/hypothesis is a good...
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