Research Proposal: Csr Within the Cosmetic Industry

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L’Oreal and Corporate Social Responsibility|
PROPOSAL: To what Extent are the L’Oreal Group Socially Responsible, Specifically Concerning Animal Ethics? Is this Due to Consumer Preferences?| |
Naomi-Louise Samuels (477083)|

ABSTRACT: This paper is a proposal for a project which will inform and ultimately conclude the attitude to animal testing within the cosmetic industry. Research will consist of; an analysis of UK and International Law, including EU Policy; primary and secondary research on the awareness of the consumers; in depth research concerning CSR within the industry using the L’Oreal Group as the case study. The ultimate purpose of the research project would be to determine the relationship between company CSR policy and consumer attitude.|

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction:2
1.1 L’Oreal Overview2
1.2 Anti-Animal Testing- A growing Trend2
1.3 The Project Objectives3
2.0 Literature Review:4
2.1 What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?4
2.2 Theory and Approaches to CSR4
2.3 Corporate Responsibility Models5
Corporate Social Performance (CSP)5
2.4 What is Animal Testing?6
Basic or Fundamental Research6
Targeted or Applied Research6
Toxilogical or Other Product Safety Evaluation6
Production and Quality Control6
2.5 Alternatives to Animal Testing6
3.0 Methodology7
3.1 Research Philosophy, Approach and Strategy7
3.3 Further Literature Reviews7
3.4 Data Collection and Analysis7
3.5 Access and Ethics Issues7
4.0 Research Proposal- Conclusion8
4.1 Timescale8
5.0 Bibliography9

1.0 Introduction:
1.1 L’Oreal Overview
The L’Oreal Group are the largest cosmetic producers in the world. With shares surging to a four-year high in Paris trading after reproted sales exceeded the expected figures, “the worldwide cosmetics market remains strong and trends are favorable for all brands,” L’Oreal Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Paul Agon said (Roberts, 2012). Figure 1: The L’Oreal Brands (Salisbury, 2011):

The L’Oreal group own many brand names within the industry, from low to high end products. It would be expected that they had the managerial and marketing skills, to encorparate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives within the business structure. 1.2 Anti-Animal Testing- A growing Trend

Consumers are more aware and concerned on the growing environmental and political issues. Successful marketing strategies focus on worldly issues, for example McDonalds once known for their dubious farming methods now advertise the use of one hundred British beef in their produce. This ‘trend’ seems to be progressing in all industries, leaving those less ethical behind. This could be due to several pressures from all stakeholders; consumers, pressure groups (eg, PETA- people for the ethical treatment of animals), government bodies etc. However, the cynical approach to CSR is that companies undertake social commitments for the sole reason of a higher turnover in the long run.

1.3 The Project Objectives
The aim of the project would firstly be to analyse and evaluate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) theory and application within the business model. Arguments for and against the practice of CSR within any organisation will also be justified. Following on from an abstract theory, the paper will continue onto the main body of the investigation; the application of CSR within the L’Oreal Group, assesing company policy regarding animal testing. This information will be acccesed through internal company reports and external articles. The proposal focusses on animal welfare within the cosmetic industry. Therefore research into UK and international law relating to animals and commercial testing is a good starting point. What research into chemicals is legal and is any compulsary? Within this section, ethical arguments for...
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