Research Proposal Cloud Services for Corporate Organizations – Benefits and Pitfalls in Terms of Financials and Data Security

Topics: Cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, Corporation Pages: 11 (2587 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Research Proposal
Cloud Services for Corporate Organizations –
Benefits and Pitfalls in terms of Financials and Data Security

Author: Akashdeep Bhardwaj
(Manager – IT/Internet Operations, Cvent India, Gurgaon)
Last updated: 7 March 2013

Research Thesis:
Cloud Services for Corporate Organizations –
Benefits and Pitfalls in terms of Financials and Data Security

In today’s business world, innovation has become an essential tool for each corporate enterprise for their survival and those striving to reduce their capital and operating expenditure (CapEx and OpEx) costs and data security in the IT arena. This demand of reducing the computing costs has led to many innovations, none more powerful and disruptive than Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing Services have come up leaps and bounds with its promise of better computing costs through improved resource utilization, reduced administration overheads and IT infrastructure costs. Even as Cloud Computing beckons promise as the new technology to adopt, most corporate enterprises are still not very confident about accepting it. This research paper takes up the issue of benefits and pitfalls for the corporates would face in terms of cost and data security, concluding that Cloud Computing indeed is a very adoptable option more so for small to medium sized corporates rather than for large enterprises with regards to cost and security.

Table of contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Research question
1.2. Purpose of the research
1.3. Research Delimitation

2. Literature Overview
3.1. Cloud Computing
3.2.1. Cloud Computing Definition
3.2.2. Cloud Computing Architecture
3.2.3. Cloud Computing Adoption
3.2. Cloud Computing and Business Financials
3.3.4. Benefits of cloud
3.3.5. Cloud Service provider’s perspective of cost 3.3.6. Cloud Service Consumer’s perspective of cost 3.3.7. Cloud Computing cost effect Benefits Pitaflls
3.3. Cloud Computing and Data Security
3.4.8. Data Security in Cloud Benefits Pitfalls

3. Research Methodology
4.4. Strategy of Selection
4.5. Data Analysis
4.6. Research quality

4. Empirical Study
5.7. Interviews
5.8.9. Cloud Computing and Costs
5.8.10. Cloud Computing and Data Security
5.8.11. Cloud Computing Service Provider’s Perspective 5.8. Interview Discussions
5.9.12. Cost Cffect
5.9.13. Data Security Effect
5.9.14. Focus Groups

5. Conclusion
Appendix A: Interview 1
Appendix B: Interview 2
Appendix C: Interview 3
1.0 Introduction
Cloud based services in business terms are primarily a flexible, scalable, pay-per-use model for the way IT Services are delivered and consumed in an organization through short-term contracts. With its pay-as-you-use model, the cloud moves many IT costs from capital expenditure to operating expenditure, meaning the IT services can be flexed to mirror the organization’s business demand seamlessly enabling consumers of IT to have greater transparency over its costs. Corporates today are focusing on core technologies like Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Mobile Apps that will lead their businesses forward over the next three to five years and want to know how to manage varying degrees of the risks wisely. The cost advantages of cloud computing are estimated at five times for business apps and more than five times for consumer apps (Lynch 2008). In fact Gartner in 2008 mentioned that Cloud Computing will be “no less influential than e-business”. Corporates are always on the lookout for consolidating their IT setup using initially virtualization and now the Cloud Computing Services which can help the businesses further reduce their operational costs through improved IT...
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