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The aim of this report is to investigate how the sensor soap flake can influence different organizations towards the idea of getting green by using the lowest cost together with bring down the operation cost.

The objectives of this research project are:
* To investigate the current trends of eco-friendly and green * To research similar product are currently use
* To identify the features and benefits of the sensor soap flake * To conduct the primary research to conduct is there have any demand for our product

* To increase the percentage of people who use the soap instead of shampoo * To replace shampoo by using soap as the cost of shower gel and shampoo is much higher than soap * To minimize the use of the plastic boxing of shower gel or shampoo by using paper wrapping boxing of soap

As the time goes by, being green plays a more important role in the current society. Moreover, the hospitality industry is in difficult situation according to the economy crisis as luxury hotel chains may also see their balance sheets coming under pressure as ongoing expansion plans, funded mainly by debt, will result in more supply of rooms at a time when demand is softening (Neha Pandey, 2008). Added to that, various products that we are mostly using nowadays are not environment-friendly to our mother planet. According to Recycling NJ, it has been estimated that between 1 and 1.5 million bars of soap are discarded from hotel rooms every single day in the US. This soap makes a considerable contribution to land fill waste and can be easily put to better use (Recycling NJ, 2011). As a result, we would like to introduce an eco-friendly product, sensor soap flake which can reduce the operation cost at the mean time.


Both primary and secondary sources will be used for our project. In terms...
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