Research Proposal

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Research Proposal
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Research Proposal
The purpose of this research proposal is to explain and answer, why do psychotropic medicines provide stronger results in rehabilitation than therapy alone? The hypothesis: to this equation is adding psychotropic medication to a strong therapeutic program. The result of adding medicine is the reducing of symptoms and increasing well being of the client.

Psychotropic medications are any medication capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior. These medications include lithium, peyote, and Psilecybe mushrooms, just to name a few. Many of these psychotropic medications deprive from fungi and plants that are monitored by the government. Most of the Psychotropic medications are highly addictive and are considered narcotics substances. Elements of Research

The qualitative method of research is indicative of the numbers of patients receiving therapy alone versus those receiving a psychotropic medication and therapy. The numbers represent by this research include the number of female and male participants, age ranges, length of time in therapy, and the amount of time participants are under the therapists care. The results of these numbers will show whether the hypothesis of the use of psychotropic drugs and therapy result in a more pronounced feeling of well-being and a reduction in symptoms. The quantitative method of research using interviews with participants and a detailed description of his or her perceived results in comparison to the interviews of participants who take psychotropic medications for any number of conditions including, depression, PMS, anxiety, and eating disorders. Survey Design

Survey research designs are procedures in quantitative research in which investigators administer a survey to a sample or to the entire population of people to describe the attitudes, opinions, behaviors, or characteristics of the population....
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