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Topics: Employment, Trade union, Human resource management Pages: 6 (1373 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Human Resources Management Research Paper Topics

1.HR Management in Small Organizations
2.HR Management in the 21st Century: Challenges for the Future 3.The Impact of Information Technology on HR Management: Opportunities and Challenges
4.Demographics of the Workforce: Analysis of Trends and their Implications for HR
5.HR as a Strategic Business Partner
6.HRMS: Purposes and Uses
7.International Outsourcing: When Does It Make "Cents?"
8.HR Ethics: An Examination of Key Issues
9.Preparing for a Career in HR Management
10.HR as a Profession - A Look at Professional Associations and Certifications 11.HR Competencies
12.Global Competitiveness and Strategic HR
13.Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic HR
14.Environmental Scanning: How to Do It and What to Look For 15.Assessing the Internal Workforce for HR Planning
16.Forecasting HR Supply and Demand
17.HR Planning in Mergers and Acquisitions
18.Managing a HR Surplus Situation
19.Measuring HR Effectiveness Using HR Metrics
20.The Psychological Contract: The Changing Nature of Employee-Employer Expectations
21.Generational Differences: Challenges for the Organization 22.Understanding Job Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Commitment 23.Understanding, Measuring, and Controlling Employee Absenteeism 24.Understanding, Measuring, and Controlling Employee Turnover 25.Understanding Individual Employee Performance Factors

26.Understanding Drivers of Employee Retention
27.Managing and Measuring Employee Retention
28.An Evaluation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Has It Accomplished Its Purposes?
29.What Is and What Is Not a Bona-Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) under EEO Laws
30.Understanding Legal Standards Applied to Two Types of Discrimination: Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact
31.The Civil Rights Act of 1991 - How Does its Changes Effect the Workplace 32.Laws on Gender Discrimination: Pregnancy Discrimination and Pay Equity 33.Who's Disabled and Who's Not: A Look at EEOC Guidelines and Court Decisions 34.Age Discrimination in Employment: ADEA and OWBOA Requirements 35.Immigration Reform and Control Acts - Requirements and Issues in the Workplace

36.Key Issues with Religious Discrimination in the Workplace 37.Genetic Bias Regulations - What are the Workplace Issues? 38.Regulating Your Physical Appearance: Dress Codes, Height/Weight Restrictions, and Other "Appearance" Issues

39.Sexual Orientation Discrimination and the Law
40.Military Status and the Law
41.Equal Employment Opportunity Enforcement: Agencies, Policies, and Processes 42.Compliance Approaches to the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures
43.Understanding Validity Concepts and Equal Employment
44.The Case for Continuing Affirmative Action
45.The Case Against Affirmative Action
46.The Glass Ceiling, Glass Walls, Glass Elevators: Breaking the Glass 47.Sexual Harassment and Workplace Relationships
48.Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace
49.Approaches to the Management of Diversity
50.Diversity Training: The Positives and Negatives
51.Nature and Consequences of Job Design
52.The Relevance of the Job Characteristics Model of Job Design 53.Job Design Issues for Team-Based Work
54.Job Design, Work Schedules and Telework
55.Task-Based and Competency-Based Job Analysis: How to Choose 56.A Comparison of Three Approaches to Gathering Job Information: Observation, Interviewing, and Questionnaires
57.Computerized Job Analysis: Advantages and Disadvantages
58.Behavioral and Legal Aspects of Job Analysis
59.Labor Markets and Recruiting Issues
60.Organization-Based vs. Outsourced Recruiting
61.Regular vs. Flexible Staffing: Making Use of Contingent Workers 62.Recruiting Source Choices: Internal vs. External Recruiting 63.College Recruiting:...
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