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An Investigation on how to become a Global Leader in International Mobile Phone Market: A case study of Nokia.

1. Introduction

This study aims to use Nokia as a case study. Nokia becomes the world's number one manufacturer of mobile devices by market share and a leader in the converging Internet and communications industries (Nokia online, 2010). They produce a wide range of devices for all major consumer segments and offer Internet services that enable people to experience music, maps, media, messaging and games. They also provide comprehensive digital map information through NAVTEQ and equipment, solutions and services for communications networks through Nokia Siemens Networks (Nokia online, 2010). The main purpose of this section is to provide research aims, objectives and research background. 1.1 Research Background

Nowadays, it is really easy to see a new style and high technology mobile phone every single day. The story of mobile phones is not too long. There were only mobile phones ten years ago to just make a call. After that, innovations followed each other such as testing, additional music players, and cameras, touch screens, etc. Likewise product life cycle has been getting shorter and shorter, because of increasing high technology. However, mobile phone companies find themselves in a tough competition to sell more their own products and make it better profit. In highly competitive business environments and short product life cycles and especially for high technology producing industries, there is one way dealing with this highly pressures, which are Research& Development and manufacturing of new products. New product development and innovation are mainly important in industries which technology changes speedily and product life cycle is so short. Nokia is one of the most innovative companies in the mobile phone industry. The key factor in order to reach success for Nokia is to establish right balance between innovation and execution. Nokia Corporation is a world leader in global communications. Nokia's central office is in Espoo, Finland, just nearby Helsinki. Nokia's global presence is composing by its sixteen manufacturing services and eleven research and development centres in eleven different countries around the world. Nokia has a history of being innovative and has a well known reputation among the top innovative companies in the world (Nokia online, 2010). The aim of the proposal is to find out how Nokia is applying new product development process and its strategic important for Nokia in a highly competitive environment and its outcomes. 1.2 Research Aims and Objectives

* To understand the importance of Nokia's new product development strategy and in a highly competitive business environment. * To identify the new product development and the Steps (NDP) of Nokia. * To examine how Nokia applies NDP steps in their business.

* To examine the important to innovative for Nokia.
* To examine the new product strategy of Nokia in a competitive business environment * To examine the competitive advantages of new product for Nokia. * To investigate the new product development strategy positioning of Nokia as in comparison to other competitors in the same segment. 1.3 Research Questions

1. Does the new product development strategies and its competitive advantages to become a global leader in Mobile Industry? 2. What factors influences to become a global leader in Mobile Industry? 2. Literature Review

This study is about the influence of new product development. Therefore, the main focus of the literature review will be surrounding the new product development and competitive advantage of NDP. Understanding the concept, importance and stages of new product development are important to marketers. This is because if marketers understand the importance of NDP and the competitive advantage, they will be able to use appropriate tools and factors to influence to become a global market...
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