Research Proposal

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Keys to Writing an Effective Proposal

Elements of the Research Proposal

Title Abstract Study Problem Relevance of the Project Literature Review Specific Study Objectives Research Methods

Study design Subjects Inclusion/exclusion criteria Sampling Recruitment plans Method of assignment to study groups Data collection variables: outcomes, predictors, confounders measures/instruments procedures Intervention Statistical considerations sample size data analysis Ethical Considerations Work Plan


-------------------------------------------------Keys To Success To Writing A Good Proposal

Overall Quality of the Study Good research question Appropriate research design Rigorous and feasible methods Qualified research team

Quality of the Proposal Informative title Self-sufficient and convincing abstract Clear research questions Scholarly and pertinent background and rationale Relevant previous work Appropriate population and sample Appropriate measurement and intervention methods Quality control Adequate sample size Sound analysis plan Ethical issues well addressed Tight budget Realistic timetable

Quality of the Presentation Clear, concise, well-organized Helpful table of contents and subheadings Good schematic diagrams and tables Neat and free of errors

Adapted from Hulley & Cummings

----------------------------------------------Literature Review A critical summary of research on a topic of interest, generally preparedto put a research problem in context or to identify gaps and weaknesses inprior studies so as to justify a new investigation. Keys to Success

Thorough and complete Logical Recent Original research Primary sources Critical appraisal Building case for new study


Study Rationale Has the study been done before? Will the study benefit patients advance understanding or influence policy?

----------------------------------------Study Problem (Study Purpose)

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