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Topics: Motivation, Reward system, Brain stimulation reward Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Impact of Reward System on Workers’ Performance
In every organization, the productivity and performance of the employees are important to increase the effectiveness of the organization in the market. The performance of the employees in their tasks depends on the demanded responsibilities of the organization. However, according from the past research studies that focuses in the organization, the rewards and other incentives given to the employees can increase the productivity and effectiveness in the performance of the people. Background and Problem Statement

The organizational aim of the organization in the performance of the employees, various methods can be implemented with a promise to deliver the desirable outcome. Because an employee can establish an ideal performance, the productivity can be produced and with the continuous practice can help achieve the organizational objectives. Approaches like the means of motivation, training and development, and incentives are offered to achieve the desirable performance among the employees. The study will address the following problems wherein at the end of the study are expected to be answered: 1. How does the reward system in the organization increase the performance of the employees? 2. In what ways will the reward system be effective and what would be its impact in the organizations’ long term practice? Research Aim and Objectives

The main aim of the study is to investigate the idea about the reward system and its interrelationship with the performance of the employees. In order to capture the related information in the study, there are four objectives that should be satisfied. First is to describe the essence of reward system and the methods in this kind of approach. Second is to tackle the various issues that incorporate in the reward system like the strengths and weaknesses, or benefits and drawbacks for both organization and employees. Third is to recognize the perceptions of...
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