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Topics: Noun, Adjective, Parts of speech Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: December 26, 2012
This assignment shall endeavor to justify the assertion that the lexeme ‘round’ can potentially belong to any word class(or parts of speech)unless used in context .It will furthermore point out how the function ‘criterion’ helps to resolve this apparent syntactic puzzle. Words are classified into word classes or parts of speech or form classes. The classification is based on meaning, form and function. In the English language we have the Open class and Closed class. The Open class is one which new words can be added easily. This class includes nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. The other is closed class where new words can not be added easily and this includes: determiners, enumerators, interjection, conjunctions and pronouns. The word ‘round’ has deferent meanings depending on the context. One of them according to The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is ‘round’ means ‘something that has a circular shape. The lexeme or word ‘round’ can indeed potentially belong to any word class (or part of speech) unless used in context as it is seen in the subsequent explanation. The lexeme ‘round’ can be classified as a noun. A noun by definition is naming word. It names an ideal, person, substance or thing. The lexeme ‘round’ as a noun can be used as follows: ‘as (a) number or set of events that are connected as in’ for Martin, life was a continual round of parties. (b) The next round of arms talks. (c) There is a nasty swarm of army worms doing the rounds this rainy season. Secondly, the lexeme ‘round’ can also be a verb. A verb by definition is a doing word or a word refers to action, for example, (a) to go round something such as bend or corner of a building. (b) The Ferrari rounded the bend at top speed.(c) Bob rounded his lips and blew her a kiss. ‘Round’ as a lexeme can also qualify to be an adjective. An adjective is defined as a word which describes a noun. The following are some examples. (a) Janie’s eyes grew round delight. (b) She jumped onto a...
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