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Research Proposal
The proposed research name is ‘perception about real estate business in Bangladesh’. This research is important to understand the update scenario about whole real estate business in Bangladesh. This research may help to uncover problems of the industry and real estate customers. We hope that this research will help us to get knowledge about problems; scarcity of resources that consist of real estate, emerging prospects and opportunities those will help us to take a new initiative to start a real estate business or to enhance new strategy for existing business. During investigation mainly we will face a problem of adequate information and support from corporate people of that industry. 1.1Background of the research

Urbanization is an outcome of both population growth and rural-urban migration. As urbanization increases, more and more people are becoming city dwellers. Bangladesh is not any exception to that picture. The ever-increasing urban population is catering an increasing demand for shelter. The right of shelter is a fundamental right, which is ensured by both UN declaration and the constitution of Bangladesh. But it is very difficult on the part of the government of Bangladesh alone to ensure housing for all. Here comes the need of private sector real estate development. It is a recognized fact that the health of the Real Estate Development Sector is the barometer of the National economy. In Bangladesh Real Estate Business started in Dhaka in late seventies. During 1970s there were fewer than 5 companies engaged in this business. In 1988 there were 42 such developers working in Dhaka and now in 2004 there are about 250 companies engaged in this business. With the number of companies increasing gradually, various problems concerning the housing sector cropped up requiring early solution. At this stage it was necessary to form a trade association of the Real Estate developers to protect the overall interests of the sector. To strengthen the role of real estate sector Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) was formed with only 11 members in 1991. The objective of REHAB was to promote formal private sector Real Estate Development in Bangladesh. This research is focused to understand what people think about real estate industries in Bangladesh and why they exist in different parts of the country. A company can said they are selling products in a reasonable price but what customers are thinking about their statement. The concept of real estate business is viewing the entire set of countries markets as one unit and then developing a marketing plan through cost standardization. When developing a plan we have to understand both controllable and uncontrollable elements of business that is exist in this country. This research also tries to understand how various agreements consist of one party to another party. It will help to know how businesses are practiced countrywide and how it has helped in the development of domestic market. The proposed study tries to address the topic by looking into REHAB, Leading real estate companies and urban residences, studying their operations countrywide as well as in their local markets. 1.2Problem statement

This research is all about to an unknown industry by which we will know current situation, problems and prospects of that industry. This research will help to discover a number of problems. Among these problems we will describe some hypothetical problems those we need to be discovered within the research. The problems may in various contests like a. internal problems b. External problems c. Research problems. a.Internal problems:

Here internal problem is problem that arises by researchers, what research may face problems during research. These types of problems are the research function related. So our internal problems may be Time problem, previous experience, team management, cost of research, Lack of importance and so on. b....
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