Research Proposal

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Employee engagement, also called worker engagement. An engaged employee is one who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about their work, and thus will act in a way that furthers their organization's interests. According to Scarlett Surveys, "Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employees positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization that profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work".Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. Employee engagement is to explore how the employee in an organization are been engaged in their own roles and responsibility. OBJECTIVES

* To understand prevailing practices of employee engagement in the organization. * To determine the employee engagement factors that influence the organization. RATIONALE FOR THE STUDY:
Engagement represents the motivational capital that exists within an individual, a unit, or an organization.  It is a valuable resource that can boost company performance.Number of research shows that engagement is linked to important business outcomes like., * higher levels of service to customers.

* creating a work environment that is collaborative, creative, and stimulating. * Engaged work teams tend to have fewer accidents and injuries. The various studies on employee engagement:
* Barry Halm (2011),studied about Employee Engagement: A Prescription for Organizational Transformation.The study concludes by suggesting five operating practices to establish an employee engagement culture like, * Defining the employee's role in fulfilling the organization's purpose, * Selecting employees with capability and passion,

* Supporting and valuing the employee,
* Creating sustainable reward systems,
* Developing feedback and reinforcement mechanisms.

* Mary Welch (Lancashire Business school, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK) (2011). The evolution of the employee engagement concept: communication implications.The study was done to provide degree of clarity on the concept by identifying stages and its evolution and discussing its definition.The study’s finding is that the corporate communication tackles the communication in enhancing employee engagement.

* Jyotsna Bhatnagar (2007), Talent management strategy of employee engagement in Indian ITES employee: key to retention. The findings of the study was that,in the 1st phase the low factor indicated low engagement and the high factor indicated high engagement, in the 2nd phase 3 distinct factors were evolved that is the organizational culture,career planning along with incentives.

* M.Brad shuck (University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, USA), Tonette S.Rocco (Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA), Carlos A. Albornoz (School of Business, Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile).(2011). Exploring employee engagement from the employee perspective: implications for HRD. The findings of the study was that, their relationship with the employee’s, workplace climate and opportunities for learning, their role of learning in engaged employee in work , the importance of an employee’s direct manager and the role in shaping organizational culture. The topic of employee engagement is clearly relavant to management,employee as individuals and researcher.

Sample for the study are the employees who are working in organizational high-level and middile-level hierarchy.
10% of the population or 60 sample .

The sampling technique used is probability sampling. In probability sampling, systematic Random Sampling . Methodology:
* The total population size (N)
* The desired sample size (n).
* Sampling interval (K), k is calculated by the formula K=N/n. * Every Kth...
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