Research Proposal

Topics: Advertising, Scientific method, Marketing Pages: 13 (3070 words) Published: December 7, 2012
- Purpose of Research -

Do advertisement influence women purchasing decision? The purpose of this research is to understand if is the advertising does influence women to purchase a certain product.

How do we get introduce to new product or new films are showing in the cinema? Advertisement! What is advertising? Advertising is a selling (mass selling) and also a type of marketing communication, which is a board term that refers to all the communication techniques marketers use to reach their customers and deliver their massage according to Advertising Principles & Practice Eighth Edition (2009).

The purpose of advertising is to build brands and sell products. Media consultant Erwin Ephron estimates that approximately 80 percent of national advertising dollars in broadcast television networks are invested for brand building, or remaining and reinforcing consumers about the brands they are familiar with mentioned in Media Selling (2009). Few online journals mentioned that percentage of women purchasing and spending power has a significant increase than ever before as women nowadays are earning more than men.

According to Forbes in one of the survey mentioned that 91 percent of women agrees on advertiser don’t understand them. "Women control the majority of purchasing decisions in a household and their influence is growing." That's just one of the many key findings from a Nielsen Study which showed that women the world over are in control of purchasing decisions which should serve as a wake up call to business to consumer marketers and advertisers across the globe.  Choosing the right approach in advertising is essential to draw target consumer attention. Advertiser must consider the target consumers, different age group elaborate the information they received differently.

- The Aim of Research -

The aim of this research proposal obviously is to find out that if the advertisement really influence women purchasing decision or advertisement actually had not affected women’s purchasing decision. As mention previously, women nowadays are the one who control the majority of purchasing decision in a household. Furthermore, this research is also to find out which media best suit the different age group of women. Hence, the objective of this research is to lend a hand to advertisers especially their target market are women.

Apart from guiding, another goal of this research is to produce a better understanding of the impact of advertising on buying pattern of female consumer for the different age group. Consequently, advertisers that understand their target consumer can actually produce a successful advertisement that urge the target consumer to buy their product after seeing the advertisement. Beside that, the role of advertising is important to the business and society. So, advertising is essential for product that wants to create values and brand image for the long term and, therefore, consumers will pay more for brands they like and trust as mentioned in Media Selling (2009).

- The Research Questions -

Several research questions had been design to be answered in order to fit the main question and planned research project.

1. What is advertising?

Advertising is a type of marketing communication, which is a broad term that refers to all the communication techniques marketers use to reach their customers and deliver their massages. That includes everything from public relations and sales promotion to direct marketing, events and sponsorships, packaging, and personal selling. (Advertising Principle and Practice, 2009)

2. How important is advertising to nation economy?

Advertising is an important part of the nation’s economy, as the nation’s population increases and products proliferate, advertisers and their agencies will continue to invest more money in the media to reach these consumers. Newspapers are not in the news business, magazines are not in the fashion business, and...
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