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Chow Tai Fook Enterprises is a company which is engaged in retail, jewellery, telecom, casinos and port business. It’s owned by Dr.Cheng yu-tung and is a listed company. Chow Tai Fook Jewellery is a retailer of jewellery. It is a popular brand in China. It has its retail outlets in many countries. The company in mainland China had 1000 chain stores in year 2010.The company has its objective of opening around 2,000 stores in 2020.The company has a diversified range of product in China, Hong Kong and Macau. The The Company is into products which are into mass, high end and gems and watches. Its jewellery factories occupy an area of about 40,000 sqm. Their jewelry is made from raw material available at different prices, for all the generations and customers its products can be categorized into.

1. Gems

2. Platinum

3. Gold

Founded by the main group in 1997, it has captured the market share. China is known for its love of jewellery. Wearing gold is a tradition here which is followed among men and women of all the generations. With a successful marketing strategy, the company has grown a lot. Chow Tai Fook, with its immense reach and strong presence in the Greater China Market, has always been viewed as a trendsetter in the business. The company has plans of opening around 190 POS on an annual basis and is planning to open 2000 more by end of 2014.The company will soon be moving into other cities by opening franchised POS. It is one of the most trusted brands in market. The brand is committed to brand integrity. According to the survey on the jewellery brands, the company ranked with Tiffany as the top three brands in 2010.The Company puts integrity at the centre of its operations. Susse 2012


Figure 1: Growth of CTF over the years

My role in this organization is in the market research department. I am working as a Market Research Analyst for the company. I am responsible for researching the market...
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