Research Project

Topics: Brand, Mobile phone, IPhone Pages: 15 (3653 words) Published: March 12, 2013

Research Project

Assignment: RP-QCF

Class: BTEC- 15/16
Lecturer's Name: Mr Winston Lye
Submitted by: Chen Rui Jing
Date: 11/03/13

Table of Content

Project Report A: Research Project Proposal2
a.My search topics.2
b.Introduction to the chosen survey research interests, with relevant context on marketing or consumer behavior and background of companies & products.3
c.My project research objectives.7
d.Description of the research methodologies relevant to my research design7
e.My research planning and scheduling8
f.My survey questionnaire design with an outline of my research process8
Project Report B: Conduct field survey, data collection/ collation & analysis11
My survey data collation, graphic representation and descriptive statistics11
Project Report C: Interpret and evaluate survey research result for findings and make suggestions for weaknesses18
a.Making analysis with my graphs leading to research findings18
b.My evaluation of survey research and summary for findings19
c.My recommendation for future research, with criticism and comment on my research process and findings19

Project Report A: Research Project Proposal
My search topics.
The concept of "buying behavior" is of prime importance in marketing and has evolved over the years. It is important to understand consumer buying behavior as it plays a vital role in crating an impact on purchase of products. The human wants are unlimited and always expect more and more. Mobile handsets are no exception to this behavior. This lead to constant modifications of mobile handsets and today we see a new model coming into the market practically every month.

In this research study our findings gave us thorough insights of consumer buying behavior of mobile handsets by conducting survey research with 100 BTEC students in Dimensions International College. I find that consumers consider various parameters while buying two different brands mobile handsets – Apple(iPhone) and Samsung(Galaxy series). Factors such as price and functions availing and the utility and its hedonic aspects our considered very important. I have been able to also infer that people subconsciously register the brand, tend to recall. I also come to understand that most dealers have showed a tendency to market the mobile handset which as per consumers requirement. On the whole, the market is a very important place to study the behavior of consumers and also provide useful insights what a consumer requires in a product. It is only through research that a company will be able to study the buying behavior of consumers.

Introduction to the chosen survey research interests, with relevant context on marketing or consumer behavior and background of companies & products. Consumer Behavior
Not understanding your consumer's motivations needs and preferences can hurt. The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy target consumer's needs and wants. The field of consumer behavior studies how individuals or groups of individuals select. buy, use and dispose of goods or services. Understanding consumer behavior and "knowing consumers" is not simple. Consumers may say one thing and do another. They may not he in touch with their deeper motivations. They may respond to influences that change their minds at the last minute. But studying consumers provides dues for developing new products, product features, prices and altering marketing strategies accordingly. Let us try and understand the buyer behavior process.

Problem Recognition
The buyying process starts when the buyer recognizes a problem or need. The need can be triggered by internal or external stimuli. Marketers need to identify the circumstances that trigger a particular need. By gathering information from a number of consumers, marketers can identify the most frequent stimuli that spark an interest in...
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