Research Process, Res 341

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Research and development Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: September 17, 2010
Research Process Paper
Res/341 Research and Evaluation 1, James Espino, Penni Kjellesvik, Cassandra Kowieski, Takako Tizon May 15, 2010
Lance Milner

Research Process Paper
Some individuals believe that education and earnings go hand in hand. The lesser the education, the smaller the wages, and thus with a greater education may lead to an increase in wages. The focus of this discussion will involve what the research process entails for the subject of wages and the relationship between education, and wage earnings. This research project will discuss the purpose of the research, define the problem, propose three possible hypothesizes, identify the variables, and define the problem in quantifiable measurements. Additionally, why the research is important, what question the research will answer, and the necessary steps to follow in the research process will clearly be shown. Purpose of Research

According to some research studies the level of education that an individual obtains directly correlates to the wages that he or she will earn over his or her lifetime. The higher the degree of education that a person attains can affect the amount of wages that he or she will earn. Research shows that there is also a difference in wage earnings by males and females who have earned the same degrees. “The highest paid 10% of male workers with advanced degrees earned $3,260 or more weekly, compared to $2,252 or more for women of the same education level” (Wall Street Journal, 2009). The research suggests that there is an advantage of an increase in earning power by an individual who continues his or her education, and advances the degrees that he or she holds. This research may be important for anyone who is considering whether or not he or she should continue to further his or her education. The time, effort, and expense that a person invests in continuing his or her education may result in producing the...
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