Research Process and Terminology Paper

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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Research Process and Terminology Paper
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
January 10, 2012

In this paper you will learn the process of research. Anyone can research but in order to research correctly, one must know the language and process. As always when researching the reason one is researching to find new information. This is when one will familiarize their self with new research terminology as well as knowledge. When one describes the research process it should contain; the new terminology found, how the terminology and knowledge apply to the research, explain how not knowing the proper terminology can affect the research and as well as why knowing the correct terminology helps. When researching one must study many statistics to make sure they are getting the truth. Some stories may not be real, when writing a paper the information provided needs to be true. False information misleads the reader to believe something that is not valid. Research needs to be evaluated and analyzing with much data as possible.

The Research Process
Research is started by mean of assumptions, before the fact reasoning. During the process a theoretical precedes where there is an attempt to collect facts about the topic as well as collecting information on the after the fact reasoning. This in theory the data that is collected is developed once all information is collected and studied. There should always be a former example of a reason based on the hypothesis or theory. During research there are two principals of theory that are used deduction and induction. “Theory to fact is deduction and fact to theory is induction. Deduction involves moving from a level of theory to a specific hypothesis, whereas induction entails inferring about a whole group on the basis of knowing about a case or a few cases.” (Frank E. Hagan, 2010, p. 18). The steps to research in criminal justice are as followed; Problem formulation- the area that needs to be investigated...
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