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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Prince Charles
Research Essay
Frank Jimenez
English IV
Ms. Amy Morales
November 6, 2004

Throughout the years there have been many great kings and queens of Great Britain. None should ever be overlooked, but one that stands out is Prince Charles Phillip Arthur George. Still currently the Prince of Great Britain; he’s been an amazing leader. The highlights of his life include his marriage to the late Princess Diana, his early life with the military, and of course his present life now.

The Prince’s marriage to Diana wasn’t one of the best kept secrets in the world. Everyone in the world had their eyes glued on their TV for the extraordinarily special occasion (Barry, 1983). Charles and Diana had known each other since they were young, and were later introduced in the late 1970’s (Charles, 2011). One thing that people don’t really know about the two was that they were thirteen years apart in age. The two got engaged in February 1981, and the ceremony was on July 29, 1981. It was televised all over the world for millions to see this spectacular occasion (Charles, 2011). Their fairytale marriage together seemed almost perfect, but suddenly tragedy struck. They had felt strained over their years together with royal responsibilities, pressure from the media, and even some infidelities. Prince Charles had been accused of re-igniting an old flame with his ex-lover Camilla Park Bowles. Charles had admitted to the accusations and he officially separated with Diana in 1992, and divorced her in 1996 (Barry, 1983). Misfortune struck the Prince again when Princess Diana died in a car crash several years later in Paris (Charles, 2011). Prince Charles set aside both of their differences and traveled with Diana’s sisters to France to accompany her body back to England. Charles took the role of his grieving sons; Prince William and Prince Henry. He took this time of mourning seriously and asked the media to leave his children alone and let them live as normal a life as...
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