Research Paper - Uniform Analysis

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1. Abstract1

2. Introduction2

3. Literature review3

4. Methodology5

5. Results and discussion6

6. Recommendations7

7. Conclusion8

8. Reference list9

9. Addendum A – Charts and graphs11

1. Abstract

The purpose of the research study is to determine the relevance of uniform within the Private Hotel School and the opinions of students and faculty alike with regards to the use of uniform. The aim of this study was to involve all the students and faculty by utilizing a questionnaire form of gathering information. A random sample of questionnaires was selected, representative of the students (junior and senior) as well as the faculty. Through analysis of the questionnaire, information regarding the opinion of uniform was found, allowing the students to interpret how the student body and lecturers feel towards the use of uniform. The results were then presented graphically allowing the reader to view the analysis in the form of pie charts and bar graphs.

2. Introduction

The research topic involved the opinion surrounding the use of uniforms in the Private Hotel School (PHS). For a wider opinion, a literature study was used to display the opinions of people outside the organisation, how experts in the field view the topic and the importance of the use of uniform in the industry itself. A questionnaire was then drawn up and administered to the students and faculty at PHS to determine the importance of uniform on campus.

The methodology used has positive and negative aspects. The positive side is that all answers are personal opinion and these are necessary for this type of study. The negative side is that people may be deceitful, or possibly skip out questions because they choose not to answer them. This can affect the research, implicating the results at the end of the study.

A discussion is then formed based on the findings and results of the questionnaire. By doing this, it can be explained what the answers mean and how they impact the outcome of the research. Conclusions and recommendations are then formed and presented in order for the readers to decipher what will be done after the research study is complete.

3. Literature review

3.1 Identifying the need for uniform

Uniform is an integral part of the hospitality organisation with regards to creating a professional image. It has been said, “identifying uniform needs is much like determining linen needs” (Frye & Nitschke: 2008, p.507-511). The image that is created by employees within an organization is much like the linens used throughout the institution – these should be crisp, clean and of the best possible quality, suitable for the institution. Ultimately it is up to the managers and the uniform designers what is respectable attire for the employees of the hospitality organization, and the standards that are set for employee uniforms should be universal throughout all levels of employment (Frye & Nitschke: 2008).

With the consideration of the importance of uniforms within an organisation, it should be decided by the hotel who should pay for the uniforms. The hotel may have a policy that has a strict uniform policy, in which case, it should be at the cost of the hotel to provide basic uniform for employees. The hotel should finance branding and logos printed on employee uniforms. If the hotel does not have a strict uniform policy and management decide to allow employees the freedom to wear unbranded clothing as uniform, the employees are then allowed to purchase and keep their own uniforms. Should the hotel provide employees with uniform, these are to be returned after their service has been terminated (Galegroup, online: 2012).

The relevance of wearing a uniform can be described in different ways: practicality or aesthetically pleasing. For maintenance positions in hospitality, a formal uniform is...
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