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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Silence Killing
Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles”, Suzy Clarkson Holstein and Judith Kay Russell give almost the same aspect of the story, one of the stories talk about the play being “dramatic and deceptive” and the other of being “artsy and silence justice” which both represents the story uniquely the same; which I agree with both articles meaning. The story is one about a woman who felt like a prisoner in her own home. The story is a play that becomes one of the most fulfilling of a nineteenth century love and killing of the spirit. I will be talking about the other articles that I have found about “Trifles”. Susan Glaspell wrote the play “Trifles” which originated in the 1900’s that is about a woman who lost her spirit and who quietly killed her husband from taking her spirit away from living a outgoing life. The play is about a murder that happened at a farmhouse and there is the sheriff and their wives looking for evidence of her silent killing of her husband. The story is a true mastery that only the women that are her neighbors knew where to look for evidence of Mrs. Write. Suzy Clarkson Holstein’s article is the “profound conflict between two models of perception and behavior” (282). The article gives a way of life of in the nineteenth-century of a woman’s actions and the men’s and moral choices of gender. It comes out to be a “power of silence” (283). It’s kind of a sexist kind of away, due to the fact the sheriff and officer was digging around in the garage, while the women were inside of the house, and found all of the evidence. This article gets in detail with the preserved fruits and the meaning of why there are all broken, just the thought of canning the fruit and preserving them. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peter are the sheriff and officers wife. While they dig around in Mrs. Write’s personal areas in the house, he find all of the evidence that Mrs. Write killed her husband.. They don’t show their husbands, they keep it silence also. They know how Mrs....
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