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1. Introduction

2. The Marketing Environment examined

3.0 The French Premiere of” Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”

4.0 The super galactic cruise “back to the future”: A visit to Cova and Cova and their tribal theories as a new marketing paradigm?

5.0 Brands that have stood the test of time

6.0 Brand Longevity as an equity

7.0 Grand Finale- Evaluation and conclusions on “Can tribal marketing create and sustain brand longevity?”

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Tribal Marketing: The magic of time travel?

Michaela McAteer, University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Northern Ireland

Ulster Business School

Purpose – This paper aims to explore how tribal marketing supports brand longevity, through examples of brands which have stood the test of time. Design, methodology, approach –Firstly looking at how certain aspects of (Relationship) marketing has revolutionized (Tribal marketing). Cova and Cova argue their post modern Latin view that people like to gather together in tribes, and that such social, proximate communities will be more affective and also importantly influential on marketing behavior. Cova and Cova also further this argument in explaining that the future of marketing lies in the offering and support of a renewed sense of communal embeddedness. Findings –Tribal marketing and how it supports longevity of brands via brands that have stood the test of time with case examples of (Walt Disney, Apple, Harley Davidson and Coca Cola). Research limitations/implications – Insufficient current research or reports on how tribal marketing is an imperative part of marketing in postmodern marketing views, more research should be conducted as the studies of tribal marketing stand as sufficient evidence to suggest such a trend as “Tribal Marketing” exists. Originality/Value – This paper was purely based on secondary research of journals, papers, articles and how there is a link between tribal marketing and longevity in brands throughout the time travel of marketing practice. Paper Type – Research Report

Unfortunately this report is not the blockbuster “Back to the future” and Marty McFly doesn’t exist in this “time travel” of crisis, cults, tribes and postmodernism. Instead this is a blockbuster in its own right, a magic of time travel, a darkness of evolution crisis and tribal gatherings, well this sounds more like a trilogy series! You’re thinking all very dramatic? Your right! This paper aims to explore how marketing has evolved today, arguments from Cova and Cova (2002) of marketing as it stands, critical analysis of the consumer, the tribal marketing era, and how these fundamentals could potentially support brand longevity, using examples of brands which have stood the test of time.

2.0-The Marketing Environment examined
Way back in the nineties it could be said that marketing was stuck in a jar of major philosophical pickles. The marketing department was flawed and experiencing a mid life crisis. According to Ponsonby and Palmer (2002) citation from Wilson and Gilligan (1997 p.25) it is stated, “There has been an increasing recognition over the past few years that marketing is, or may be facing what is loosely referred to as a mid life crisis…due to the widespread concern that something is amiss”. In addition to this statement Ponsonby and Palmer (2002) also refer to Brown (1995) as this author has deciphered the same conclusion of the marketing environment as being deeply flawed and hinting that new foundations relating to marketing should be constructed, “Marketing concept is deeply, perhaps irredeemably flawed, that its seemingly solid theoretical foundations are by no means...
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