Research Paper Outline

Topics: Peru, Lima, Ecuador Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Research Paper Outline
1.Introductory Paragraph
a.Hook Sentence:
1.How did an army of a mere 80,000, defeat an empire of over 36 million. b.Basic Information:
Who? Francisco Pizarro and Inca Empire
Where? Spain and Peru (Andes Mountains)
When? About 1532 (When Pizarro conquered the Incas)
c. Thesis Sentence:
1. Francisco Pizarro is one of the most brilliant conquistadors who conquered the entire Inca Empire of 36 million with superior technology, war tactics and advances. 2. Background Information

a. Facts about Topic:
- Incas were a peaceful society with little to no weapons - Spanish conquistadors wanted New Lands, Spread of Religion, Wealth - Several voyages to South America by Francisco Pizarro (Reconnaissance and Conquest) 3. Topic 1

a. Discuss Topic 1:
1. Weapons (Incas vs. Spanish)
a. Incas – sticks, bow and arrows, and rocks b. Spanish – guns, cannons, horses, and armor 2. Link Topic to Thesis:

-“Altogether, Francisco Pizarro and his army were, by far, technologically advanced and had more evolved and deadly weapons which the Incas had never seen before. 4. Topic 2

a. Discuss Topic 2:
1. War Tactics
a. Spanish had superior war tactics b. Experienced in war
c. Flanking, distractions, and booby-traps 2. Link Topic to Thesis:
-“To sum up, the Spanish were also superior to the Incas for the fact that they had greater war tactics which allowed them to gain the advantage and take down the enemy strategically. 5. Topic 3

a. Discuss Topic...
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