Research Paper - Organic Farming

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  • Published: March 12, 2007
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Research Paper
Organic Farming


Every Sunday is Simon's grocery-shopping day. Unfortunately, he is in a bit of a dilemma while standing in the produce section of his local supermarket. In one hand, Simon is holding a conventionally grown Granny Smith apple. In his other hand, he has one that has been organically grown. Both apples look firm, shiny and green. Both provide vitamins and fiber, and both are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol. The conventionally grown apple cost less and is a proven family favourite. But the organic apple has a label that says "USAD Organic" or "certified organic". Does that mean it is better? Safer? More nutritious? Simon is suspicious about the decision he has to make. Like many other consumers, Simon does not know what exactly is in his food, what risks exist to himself or to society in general. He trusts that healthy and sufficient food will appear, like magic, in the grocery store. He trusts the corporations, the "food system", that creates this apparent miracle. As well as when the experts that say it's the best way; most of the health-conscious consumers believe them. I believe that the more information and knowledge accessible to consumers the best alternatives they can choose for their own safety and health concerns. The following quote underlines my thought; "As more people learn the differences between organic and conventionally grown foods, they are choosing organic foods as an alternatives" (Better nutrition, 2003). All along in this paper, organic farming effect is continuously challenging conventional farming. I will introduce a brief history and description of organic foods, and a recent view of the economic growth of organic foods trend in Canada with some statistics, by following next with environmental ethic consumption that disturbed most health-conscious consumers' mind and lastly, the impacts of organic and genetic-modified foods in several important countries.


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