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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Peace Keepers of the Sky
Are They Really “Keepers”?

THESIS: Unmanned drones are not peacekeepers; they are a threat to everyone in the battlefield. I. The information that drone transmit is not entirely accurate. A. Drones are equipped with TV cameras, which lack clarity when they are 30,000 feet above the ground. B. Drone’s camera has flaws that result in unnecessary destruction. There have been incidents in which pilots misidentified the targets and killed innocent lives. II. Drones are prone to connection failure and hacking by other countries or terrorist groups. A. It’s fixed antennae cause unstable connections between the pilot and the drone. B. It is a computer-programmed machine so it can be hacked. III.A lack of regulations regarding drones contributes to casualties. A. It is very unclear about legality.

B. Military finds loopholes to get away from the regulation

Peace Keepers of the Sky
Are They Really “Keepers”?
Technology has revolutionized the world we live in. Transportation, medical care, communication, production techniques, and many other areas of modern life would be impossible without the technological advances that have been made over time. One area that is both on the cutting edge of technological progress and at the same time extremely controversial is the use of drones (unmanned vehicles). Proponents of drones claim that UAVs reduce the risk of death to military personnel are accurate devices that can accomplish missions effectively, and have an essential role in the monitoring and surveillance of activities. In reality, however, they have several flaws that result in unnecessary destruction. Its camera is not powerful enough to identify whether it is a terrorist or a civilian. Also, due to its fixed antenna, a drone is likely to lose connection when it turns its direction too steeply. Also since it’s being controlled remotely, hackers can easily hack into the system and cause problems. Finally, there is a lack of clarity about the legality of drones in the battlefield and a lack of transparency in their use. Unmanned drones are not peacekeepers; they are a threat to everyone on the battlefield.

Drones cameras have flaws that result in unnecessary destruction. A drone is equipped with “Hell Fire Missile” that can attack precisely; however, their visual sensors are limited which can cause a pilot to make mistakes. Common drones such as, MQ-9 REAPER, MQ-1B PREDATOR, and RQ-4 GLOBAL HAWK have TV camera, which is 4000 mega pixel camera attached under their body (United States Air Force). 4000 mega pixels sounds like enough pixels to identify the target; however, according to the United States Air Force, drones observe targets from 25,000 feet above sea level, and RQ-4 GLOBAL HAWK flies up to 60,000 feet. When 4000 mega pixel camera zooms to find its target, its quality becomes blurry and inaccurate. By doing a calculation it is easy to find out if the image quality is good enough to identify a subject. When a camera zooms from 30,000 feet, its effective pixel per inch is around 100, which means that in an inch there are around 100 pixels, showing blurry image that can cause misidentifying a subject. In 2010 there was an incident where drone pilots misidentified a group of civilians in a vehicle as terrorists. According to the transcribed chat log, which was acquired by Los Angeles Times through Freedom of Information Act from United States Military transcript, a camera operator says, “ I think that dude had a rifle”, then soon after drones engaged fire. After the missile was fired, troops were sent to investigate the dead bodies and they found that the target was unarmed civilians. In order to operate one-drone five people are required to fly, identify, research, and to engage fire (Rise of the Drone). However, due to unclear visibility the camera operator, who is in charge of identifying weapons, guesses and confirms that the subject is equipped with weapons and...
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