Research Paper on Social Studies

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Background to the Study
Education, in its broadest sense, may be defined as a process design to inculcate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enable individuals to cope effectively with their environment. The world is becoming more and more competitive. Quality of performance has become the key factor for personal progress. Parents desire that their children climb the ladder of performance to as high a level as possible. This desire for a high level of performance puts a lot of pressure on students, teachers, and schools and in general the education system itself. In fact, it appears as if the whole system of education revolves round the academic performance of students, though various other outcomes are also expected from the system. The importance of academic performance has raised important questions for educational researchers. What factors promote performance in students? How far do the different factors contribute towards academic performance? (Ramaswamy,1990). Social Studies is the study of society and its problems. The subject prepares the individual to fit into the society by equipping him/her with knowledge about the culture and ways of life of their society, its problems, its values and its hopes for the future. The subject is multi-disciplinary and takes its sources from geography, history, sociology, psychology, economics, civic education and science. Essential elements of the knowledge and principles from these disciplines are integrated into a subject that stands on its own. As a subject, Social studies helps students to understand their society better; helps them to investigate how their society functions and hence assist them to develop that critical and at the same time developmental kind of mind that transforms societies. Researchers have found that students often have a negative attitude towards the subject area (Carroll & Leander, 2001; Chapin 2006). They generally consider the...
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