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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Sir Walter Scott was born in Edinburg Scotland on August, 15, 1721 was a Scottish writer historian poet and is even considered to be a inventor . His father was Walter Scott and his mother was Anne Rutherford his father was a lawyer and his mother was a physicians daughter he began to write at a very young age what had inspired to write was his family and the older folk in the town the person that mainly inspired him was his grandpa he got his ideas of writing from reading poetry , drama, romance, history , and fairy tales another inspirer was when he met Blacklock and Burns. Blacklock was a bind poet and Minister of Kirkcudbright Robert Burns was a Scottish poet and Lyricist.

On December 24 1797 he married Charlotte Margaret Carpenter born ? 1777 and died May 14 1826 the daughter of Jaen Carpenter of Lyon in France Charlotte was mother of Walter, Anne, and Charles Scott. He was the sheriff of the county of Sherk in 1798. in 1796 his friend James founded a printing press in Kelso by the Scottish border so he was able to publish his first works in 1805 he published The Lay of The Last Minstrel and from that his career took off within the next ten years he had many poems printed one of his most favored poem was the Lady of the Lake.

Sir Walter Scott died in Abbotsford Roxburgh Scotland on September 21 1832 and was buried in Dryburgh Abbey the cause of his death was a stroke
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