Research Paper on Senior Citizen Drivers

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Senior Citizens as a Safety Hazard
i had a general thought of the senior citizen population, that they were all losing there reflexes and vitals, making them all bad drivers. While in wawa yesterdayI have always had a general thought of the senior citizen population: that they were all losing their reflexes and vitals, making them all bad drivers. I have had experience in situations with seniors on the road, and I have also ridden in a car with one before. While in Wawa recently, I was holding the door open for the person behind me, like I usually do. Behind me was a pretty, put together senior citizen. She had up kept blonde hair, and her face was completely made up with make- up, she started to tell me how she had just turned 80 and couldn’t believe she was still driving and functioning like she always had, nothing had yet changed for her, and neither I nor she could believe she was 80. Not all senior citizens fit the persona the youth gives them. Either they are active and keep up with society, or maybe think that they have to shut themselves off and act how they’re expected to. As a whole, senior drivers are a safety hazard to the general population’s drivers, and should be tested more frequently to assess functional abilities. Pressure and precautions are always steered towards teenaged and beginner drivers because of the high rate of at-fault collisions and fatalities. The same can also be said for the drivers over the age over sixty-five. Drivers aged 16-20 have 1.5 times more at-fault insurance claims, drivers 81 years old and over have 2.5 times more at-fault claims (Globe & Mail A12). Currently 26 states put special conditions or requirements on older drivers, such as more frequent license renewals or requiring that renewals take place in person, allowing for various tests to judge the driver's abilities. Some ask for other restrictions, such as no night driving or driving only within a restricted area or on specific routes. More of the United...
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