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A Pakistan railway, life line of the country, is a national state run transport service. It is under the administration of federal government under the Ministry of Railways and its head quarter is in Lahore. It is an important source of transportation throughout Pakistan. Pakistan Railways provides an important mode of transportation throughout Pakistan. It is commonly referred to as the "life line of the country", by aiding in large scale movement of people and freight throughout Pakistan. Recently a Pakistan railway is in crisis. This persistent failure owes to absence of a clear direction for the organization, a pessimistic organizational ethos resulting from years of decline and political interference in decision making to the detriment of commercial feasibility. Organizational roles and responsibilities remain diffused which create issues for accountability. A number of decisions have been centralized in the Board or the Executive Committee of the Board that absolves officers at the operational level of any accountability. Financially, Pakistan Railways have alarming figures and over the years it has become chronically dependent on overdraft from the State Bank of Pakistan. It carries millions of passengers is now facing the number of issues now a days. That is why I chose this topic to conduct the research that who is behind its failure and how Pakistan railways can increase its efficiency and effectiveness and how its problems and issues can be eliminated. My research of this project is based on following research objectives that will help me to draw some parameters and resolution of these causes failure of Pakistan railways.

Research Objectives:
1. To identify the major issues and causes behind failure of Pakistan railways. 2. To determine the main hurdles and constraints faced by Pakistan Railway in delivering its efficient performance. 3. To examine the factors and elements that who are responsible for these inefficiencies. 4. To establish the parameters for overcoming these inefficiencies and losses. 5. To draw conclusion for remedy of these problems and setting the strategies to increase the efficiency and escalating the profitability of Pakistan railways.

Mission Statement

To provide a competitive, safe, reliable, market oriented efficiency and effective Pakistan railways department and reducing losses of Pakistan railways.


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Pakistan Railways
Pakistan Railways is a department of the Government of Pakistan (GOP). The network has 7,791 route km, 559 stations and it has an annual revenue of around Rs.20 Billion (2007-2008). Pakistan Railways came into existence under a different name on 13 May 1861, when Kotri and Karachi two stations 169 km. a part were linked by rail. In 1947, it was named as Northwestern Railways, had 11,088 routes Km of which 3043 were transferred to India. Leaving 8,045 Km to Pakistan. In 1961, it was named as Pakistan Western Railway and in 1974 as Pakistan Railways. Operational structure

Pakistan Railways is a Federal Government Department under Ministry of Railways. The Secretary for Ministry of Railways is the ex-office Chairman of the Railway Board.

Pakistan Railways comprises of three functional units.
1. The Operations Unit
2. the Manufacturing & Services unit
3. Development Unit

Each headed by a General Manager who reports to the Secretary/Chairman Railways for the performance of his Unit. The Operations unit is located in the historic North Western Railway Headquarters building, an imposing landmark of colonial-era architecture of Lahore. It oversees train operations and all related functions. Three Additional General Managers, each heading a Business Unit - Infrastructure, Traffic and Mechanical in addition to various specialized head of...
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