Research Paper on Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Fast food Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Obesity: Strictly Societal or Positively Personal?

“If two heads are better than one, then what about double chins? On that note, I’ll help myself to seconds.” –Jarod Kints Obesity is a whopping contributing factor to over 360,000 deaths in the U.S each year. Unfortunately, that number continues to rise. Americans tend to blame everyone else for their condition, (Fast food, high fructose corn syrup, etc..) and are unable to take personal responsibility. So who is to blame for this increasing epidemic? Fast food restaurants are not to blame for 60% of Americans breaking the scales with their elephantine bodies and potbellies. Every individual must be educated on what causes their obesity issues. “With chronic obesity in America, it's more important than ever to not only feed kids healthy foods but to teach them how to make healthy choices on their own.” –Jenny Garth. This quote is an example of how healthy choices should be taught. Obesity is simply caused by not knowing. How is a kid supposed to know what is bad for him/her if they were never taught? It’s important to teach our present generation about making healthy choices as well as demonstrating healthy choices. Adults are failing to do so and as a result, an increase in childhood obesity.

This graph is one of many the demonstrates an increase in childhood obesity beginning in the 1970’s when obesity wasn’t a big deal, but was becoming more noticeable. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Over 16,000 children (aging from 11 to 18) have admitted to taking pills or going for over 24 hours without eating to lose weight. Not only is obesity causing health problems, but mental and emotional problems as well. On the contrary, many activists are going after fast food chains and soda producers. Why? Because isn’t it McDonald’s fault that we’re fat? Janet Currie, Stefano DellaVigna, Enrico Moretti, and Vikram Pathania have produced a study...
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