Research Paper on Mary Gaitskill and Camille Paglia

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Right and Wrong
In “On Not Being a Victim”(1994), Mary Gaitskill presents the idea of date rape- what she defines as being in a difficult situation that leads to unwanted sex on one person’s behalf, the “victim.” Gaitskill quotes author Camille Paglia judiciously and represents her position, regarding date rape, fairly. Gaitskill presents statements made by Paglia and portrays Paglia’s unique character traits. Gaitskill overthrows Paglia’s argument, of holding women accountable for the consequences they suffer because of placing themselves in unnecessary sex-related situations, in order to defend her idea of how critical remarks made on women are unfair and can lead to disastrous consequences. Given the language used in the essay, Gaitskill is writing to both men and women who have some knowledge, of date rape and unexpected sex-related situations, and willingness to other ways of thinking. Paglia’s thoughts and position on the idea of date rape is fairly represented by Gaitskill, well Paglia holds women responsible for placing themselves in what she considers dangerous situations. In her article, “Crisis in American Universities,” Paglia states that she has been criticizing the ideology of date rape. “And I will continue to attack it. And I will continue to attack the well-meaning people who think they’re protecting women and in fact are infantilizing them.” Paglia rejects the idea that women could be victims in certain situations and strikes towards anyone who defend or excuse women from playing victims in sex-related situations. Gaitskill portrays Paglia’s position correctly. Gaitskill continues to judiciously represent Paglia with the quotation: “…then she’s an idiot.” This excerpt from Gaitskill’s essay gives the reader the idea that Paglia can be cruel. Also in Paglia’s article, from “Crisis in American Universities,” she adds to the portrayal of her way of being when she claims to ask herself if it was good idea to behave herself....