Research Paper on Luigi Pirandello

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Third Quarter Foreign Author Paper

The foreign male, Luigi Pirandello was born on June 28, 1867 in Agrigento, Italy and died at the age of 69 on December 10, 1936. He was a person who played in plays, wrote many of novels and also did some drama plays. In 1934 he was given the Nobel Prize in Literature for all of the great work he has did over those years in between when he was born. He was a very good author that done many plays and poetry around in Italy. He never had it bad in life while growing up because his family was very rich already from doing what they did in the industries so basically he didn’t ever have to worry about struggling with anything because he could always get help if wanted and get what he wanted whenever.

He never went to school because he was home during his elementary years. He was a very brilliant smart child, always got good grades and never got in trouble. He would always be focused on one thing and one thing only, and that was learning about poetry, novels, and plays. He had already written his first tragedy in his life all by his self when he was only twelve years old. His father had helped him get into technical school but he really didn’t want to be in that school so he went to the school that really interested him which was the school of humanities.

Luigi Pirandello had finished his high school education when he and his family had moved to Palermo in 1880. When he graduated from school he had a crush on his female cousin and you could always tell the differences between him and his dad. He actually tried to marry his cousin but his father wouldn’t allow him to do that because he thought that would be strange so the marriage got denied. Knowing that he couldn’t marry his cousin he moved to Rome where he associated with a major big group of poem writers as Luigi Capuana, Giustino Ferri and Ugo Fleres. He dedicated himself to narrative writing from the pursuer Luigi Capuana.

He had written his first important work...
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