Research Paper on Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin
The Twentieth century was a very important time for the whole world. Empires rose and fell and the modern world was shaped. One of the most influential men of the century, if not the most, was Joseph Stalin. His legacy continues to frighten and inspire even 60 years after his death.

Joseph Stalin was born on December 18th, 1879. Surprisingly, Stalin wasn’t Russian but was actually born in a small town in Georgia and born with the name Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvilizaq. As a child he contracted smallpox which scarred his face and deformed his left arm. This led to other children ridiculing him and teasing. Young Joseph took this to heart and made it his mission to gain respect and greatness. His mother was a devout Russian Orthodox Christian and when Iosif grew up, she sent him away to enroll in a church school in the city of Gori.

He did well in in school and later was awarded a scholarship to go to seminary school in Tiflis in 1894. While in Tiflis he came in contact with a secret society that that pushed for Georgia’s independence from Russia. This group also led Stalin to discover the writings and teachers of socialist thinkers like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Although he excelled in seminary school, he dropped out in 1899. No one really knows why, the school records say it was because he no longer had the money to pay for tuition but it is more likely that the school asked him to leave because of his political views that challenged the tsarist regime.

After leaving school he chose not to return home and stayed in Tiflis. He committed his time to the revolutionary movement and then in 1901 joined the Democratic Social Labor Party and spent full time working with the revolutionaries. In 1902 he was arrested and exiled to Siberia for organizing a labor strike. During this time he adopted the name “Stalin” which means steel in Russian.

In February 1917 the Russian Revolution began. Stalin was never a good speaker or an intellectual so...
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