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Topics: ISO 9000, Quality assurance, Quality management Pages: 6 (2085 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Quality for Management Paper on ISO-9000
One should start by saying that the USA just like many countries around the world historically attempted to improve the use of resources. Each individual country started to create its own set of standards that would assure that in the long run the competitiveness of industries increases. Speaking about ISO 9000, one should understand that this quality standard is very popular around the world and actually becomes one of the most important standards. ISO 9000 helps the companies to control quality, save money and meet the customers’ expectations. ISO 9000 was developed by the International Organization for Standardization located in Switzerland. I should add here that ISO 9000 comprises several standards: ISO 9000: 2000, ISO 9001: 2000, and ISO 9004: 2000. All standards expect for ISO 9000: 2001 present guidelines, while ISO 9000: 2001 presents a set of standards (DeVAux 142). ISO 9000 can be applied to all types of companies and organizations regardless of size and nature of activity. ISO 9000 can be applied to manufacturing and service oriented companies. Just like six sigma, ISO 9000 allows the companies to achieve the following primary goals: 1. Boost productivity and efficiency.

2. Achieve greater market share by improving customer satisfaction. 3. Improve communication and morale throughout the company (Tricker, 204). 4. Minimize costs and expenses
ISO 9000 allows the companies to positively impact the following parties: 1. Employees,
2. Suppliers,
3. Distributors.
4. Stakeholders.
5. Consumers
6. Community.
ISO 9000 can be applied to the following corporate areas to achieve the greatest results: 1. Consumer-related processes.
2. Product design, research and development.
3. Operations management.
4. Monitoring and control of corporate activities.
It should be noted that ISO 9000 allows the companies to engage in factual decision making process, i.e. the decisions based solely on available data and information rather than on some subjective reasoning. The companies that use ISO 9000 are capable of reviewing, challenging the existing options and decisions. The information under the ISO 9000 is made easily available to those who need it within the organization. Speaking about the ways ISO 9000 works, one should understand that just like any quality standard it comes with the need to develop a more sophisticated quality management system. ISO 9000 possesses a list of various requirements (guidelines are also advisable) that contribute to corporate success after they are met. Internal Audit of a company assures that the ISO 9000 standards are properly met and the company is transformed for success. Then, the ISO 9000 audit would take place and only then the company besides being reading to benefit from the ISO 9000 standards would be able to announce that it confirms to the ISO 9000 standards. The consumers would understand that the company had undergone systemic and international orientation and certainly among those that care about the market they serve. Originally the ISO 9000 was created by the British Standards Institute for the International Organization for Standardization and was labeled as BS 5750. One should remember that during the WWII period the British Empire had serious problems with ammo and especially bombs that would go off in factories and injure or kill workers. To remedy the situation the British ministry of defense would provide inspectors to oversee the production processes. For the company willing to produce military products it had to provide the government with the detailed procedure for making the product and have the ministry of defense examine the procedure to assure that the plant workers did everything according to the procedure. As the manufacturing and industrialization improved, the British government required other companies and especially those dealing with the nuclear and power generators to adhere to certain standards. As science...
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