Research Paper on Income Disparity

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Monroe Doctrine
The Monroe Doctrine set the tone for foreign expeditions during the late 1800s and early 1900s. During this time period, the United States stayed as neutral as possible when it came to European conflicts. Under the Doctrine the U.S could also validate any reason to explore elsewhere in order to expand the United States’ range of affairs. Using the idea of manifest destiny, Americans felt as though it was their duty to try to expand the United States beyond the oceans as they had already finished claiming the last of the west coast area. Opportunities for advancement in the economic department also influenced growth towards newer horizons. Also, the principles of nationalism played a role in the fact that there was a certain level of pride being an American because the country was so successful with rapid growth in its short existence. The ways of life for the citizens of this new country were wanting to spread their beliefs because it seemed as though this could be the future of any country, with a little influence from the origin. This falls closely in line with the humanitarian explanation for imperialistic actions taken by the U.S. We wanted to help those that needed it because there was a possibility for everyone to succeed. At the same time, the U.S was like a little brother to the European nations but by this point we had caught up to them and could compete on the military level. This resulted in Americans trying to show off around the time when they got sucked into the WWI conflict. All of these reasons were used for explaining why the United States’ worked to spread it’s delegation for advantages in many relationships across the globe.

When the Mexican revolution broke out, President Woodrow Wilson sent an intervention team to try to sort things out. When the new ruler of Mexico was killed, the man that replaced him was brutal. He ensured foreign investments, but was not a ruler of the people and therefore, lacked the...
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