Research Paper on Icd-10 Implementaion

Topics: Health care, ICD-10, Medicine Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: July 7, 2011
Research paper
Ashley Laming
Instructor: Valerie Dobson

Introduction to ICD-9 Coding

A Department of Health and Human Services final ruling states that all that care entitles using ICD-9 coding must migrate to ICD-10 by October 1, 2013. This transformation in systems and processes is expected to catalyze significant industry change and provide potential benefits in cost and quality measurement, public health, research and organizational monitoring and performance measurement. Since the development of the ICD-9-CM system there are new diseases and diagnoses that have been discovered, and the current system of three digit categories with no more then ten subcategories each just can’t cover all of the reasons why people seek medical treatment.

The ways in which your job will change will largely depend on the type of setting in which you currently work. I am going to be working in the coding and billing department. For the coding department I will need to learn the new coding system which includes roughly 55,000 codes with which I’m not currently familiar with. I will also need to learn the new code books and styles, I will need to use both ICD-10 and ICD-9 simultaneously for a period of roughly two years, I will need to work with my office’es physician to go over the new documentation requirements, and I will need to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of medical terminology and human anatomy, due to the increased specificity of ICD-10. For the billing department I will need to be trained in a new set of policies and procedures, which could result in lowered productivity if my employer doesn’t start training soon enough or worse doesn’t provide any ICD-10 training at all. I also will need to learn the new polices regarding payment reimbursement and I will need to understand the new electronic formatting procedures, in addition to the new ANSCI reporting methods.

ICD-10-CM will be used by all providers in every health care setting,...
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