Research Paper on Florence Nightingale Theory of Positive Manipulation of the Environment

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This paper will examine the origin of the nursing theory in reference to the Florence Nightingale Theory of Positive Manipulation Of the environment. Initially the paper will introduce the theorist and the context in which the theory was developed. Will critique the theory according to nursing theory critique. The paper will further describe the utility of the theory with respect to practice, administration, education and research will also examine the empirical precision of the theory(testability and logical adequacy). Infact the entire paper demonstrates the understanding of the theory.

“Nursing has evolved as a scientific discipline and is emerging into professional status. From Florence Nightingale's direct bedside patient care to its present multifaceted roles, nursing has changed significantly in its scope of practice, responsibilities and functions”

The name of Florence Nightingale cannot be forgotten as she was considered as the pioneers in the nursing profession .She has contributed a lot in the field of nursing and her works are considered as the assets ,these works will be remembered for many years. Florence Nightingale was born in the year 1820 and died in 1910.The history shows that she lived through an era of conflict and change. The main contribution of Florence is that she has defined Nursing in its correct form. She had developed the correct and concise meaning of nursing. That is she has described what nursing is and what nursing is not. She believed that nursing involves Environmental Manipulation, Nutrition, and Conservation of Patient Energy., all these aspects were initially included in nursing .And the literal meaning of nursing was in one way or the another connected all these aspects. The principles which have been defined by Florence Nightingale depicts that nursing is basically connected with reforms. In order to cover all those aspects which have been mentioned earlier nursing should be actively involved in change and progress, all this comes under reforms. The reforms can be: Sanitary reform, architectural and administrative reform, scientific methodology and educational reforms, and public health reform and political action.

According to Nightingale all these concepts were considered as the basics of nursing. The main behind this was that all these aspects are concerned with the wellness and health of the individual. This quotation can best described the services which the nurses provide “Nursing is both "the lady with the lamp" comforting the wounded soldier and the lady that fights the political forces and the administrative systems that land the soldier in the squalid conditions that cause and perpetuate his wounds and illness”.

Nurses are those professionals which have the idea to prevent the health of an individual. Nurses are trained in such a manner that they serve the human beings by providing comfort to those who are mentally or physically weak. Florence designed and trained nurses to fulfill these criteria. The efforts made by Florence were related to make the nursing profession a respectable profession for women’s.

The biography of Florence depicts that she had an instinct and a natural desire to work for the humanity, she wanted to serve the humanity .This task provided her immense satisfaction. Nightingale was basically involved in those tasks which will promote a good health care system. She felt the need to derive the attention of the people towards preventive medicine and promotion of healthy care system .She thought without these aspects a good health care system would not be developed. She also insisted that good nutrition and proper housing facilities are also essential for maintenance of proper health.

Florence Nightingales life was full of efforts and hard work. She was a lady with a lot of qualities, she also showed her will power when she suffered a mental and a physical collapse in the year 1937.During those critical...
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