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Topics: Education, Left-handedness, High school Pages: 3 (1230 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Education Research Essay

Many schools do not have enough funding to have adequate supplies for children to learn successfully. Some of the schools that follow the No Child Left Behind Act put in place by President Bush, in 2002(Dee & Jacob, 2011), have lowered their testing standards, to make it appear that the children are excelling, however, when they push up the standards test scores go down, not up. Schools perform annual tests, so that they might determine if any school are failing to make the “Adequate Yearly Progress”, or AYP.(Dee & Jacob, 2011)Many schools and teachers are not equipped to teach left-handed children, and these children get frustrated and do not want to learn, because, teachers are not taking the extra time to help them learn. Many schools lack proper funding, therefore education plans are lacking, children are not suitably challenged, and teachers are not supporting parents.

Education is one of the most important elements of life, without it, one cannot achieve the most out of the world around them. Education in America is behind other countries, ranking only 14th for higher education, at 42%, 26th for elementary school at 69%, and is the 6th worst for high school graduation, with 23% failing to graduate. (Ferenstein, 2012) There are many issues within American education, one of the most important being funding. Many schools lack proper funding, and the students’ education is suffering because of it. Education plans are failing, children are not being properly challenged, and teachers are not working with parents enough. Roughly nine to ten percent of the total budget allotted for education goes to elementary and secondary schools, which is incredibly poor. America spends about $500 billion dollars annually to elementary and secondary schools, which does seem like a great deal, however, some less fortunate states are suffering in their educations. In 2009, a chart shows that 44% of the budget for schools came from local funding,...
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