Research Paper on Computer Damage to Eye Site

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Eye Strain as a Result of Computer Use

In the 20th century, technology is at an all time high in the world. This technology includes research, computers, medical advances, social networking, and a vast variety of other things. Among the advanced technology is a breakthrough of computer use. Almost everyone at some point in their day is using a computer for one task or another. Computers have taken the world and reshaped the possibilities of ideas and dreams in the past decade. Millions of people have made computers a part of their everyday lifestyle, to the point where they don’t have to think about using one. So in this paper i’m going to talk to you about the eye strain as a result of computer usage.

The work on the computer can ran range from five minutes a day to eight hours a day depending on the type of job or lifestyle a person has. Today the people of Newfoundland use computers for school, homework, research, jobs, even CDLI classes, plus the extra at home usage. This could include one to three hours a day doing online classes, a assignment (because nobody uses books anymore), social interaction with the world, or just leisure time. The field is open to just about anyone. Often overlooked are the students that use computers on a daily basis. Almost all students, collage, university or grade school depend on the use of computers whether it be for fun or recreational use.

Sometimes the convience of using computers comes with a high price to pay. The National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) states that eyestrain is the leading problem in computer use. This even includes such common problems as carpal tunnel syndrome. Eyestrain and eye fatigue lead to many other complications if it is a continuous problem. One of these problems includes myopia (near sightedness) . There are many ways of relieving eye fatigue and helping the symptoms of this. These problems can be onset in younger years when children are in school. Since...
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