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Troubled teens are very likely to turn to unhealthy lifestyles when they are unable to cope with their problems. Anorexia is among the most common unhealthy lifestyles that troubled teens choose to undertake. Anorexia is a condition classified as an eating disorder – a disorder that involves undertaking abnormal eating habits that are unhealthy to a person’s health. Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by starvation and insufficient eating. Teen anorexics will usually skip meals, eat only small portions, or starve themselves completely. Some will compensate for starvation by taking diet pills, laxatives, or water in place of their meals. In a short time, teen anorexics may begin to suffer from malnourishment – having inadequate amounts of nutrients and vitamins to properly sustain themselves. The exact cause of teen anorexia is not known. For some reason, teen anorexics become insecure and begin to see themselves as overweight or unhealthy. In general, as a result, teens who are anorexic seek out excessive bodily image goals. However, teen anorexia is not to be confused with dieting. Teens that are anorexic will go to extreme lengths to reach the body image they desire. In most cases, anorexic teens actually believe they are benefiting themselves by eating less and getting thinner. Vital teen anorexia statistics and information

Teen anorexia statistics are frightening. In the United States, somewhere between 1 and 2 of every hundred teens, will struggle with anorexia at some time during their life. For some teens, anorexia is motivated by emotional problems, whereas in others, it is motivated by peer pressure or social issues. In any case, far too many teens suffer from anorexia and its unhealthy effects. Listed below are some of the most striking teen anorexia statistics in the United States: * 90 percent of all Americans afflicted with an eating disorder are female. An estimated five percent of adolescent girls are currently suffering from anorexia. * 53 percent of American girls report that they are unhappy with their bodies at age thirteen. 78 percent are unhappy with their bodies at age seventeen. * Many teens admit that they are influenced to change their body because of popular media * Teen anorexia affects all social classes

* In teens, anorexia is often triggered by a traumatic event, such as abuse or rape * Ten percent of teens with anorexia are male
* Anorexia is most common during the teen years
* Anorexia can start as early as age 8
* Around 15 percent of teenage girls have some type of eating disorder or eating disorder related behavior * More than 5 million Americans suffer from eating disorders every year * Around a thousand women die each year from anorexia

* 5 to 20 percent of teens who have anorexia will die for reasons related to the disorder What to do if a teen you know is anorexic
Teen anorexia statistics prove that left untreated, teen anorexia can be dangerous, even fatal. If you believe that a teen you know suffers from anorexia, consider referring them to a physician or eating disorder specialist. If you are not their parent, make sure that their parent or another adult is aware of their problem and of the anorexia’s dangers. Many teens struggle with their body image regardless of their size, and anorexia and bulimia are fairly common. Teenage girls look at actresses and models in magazine who are all sample sizes (size 0-4) and believe that this is the attractive ideal of what they should look like. They also face pressure from their peers which impacts their self-esteem further. Pressure can even come from within their family if they have a mother who is constantly worried about her weight or that of her daughter. With all of these negative influences surrounding teenager girls, it’s no surprise they’d have body image issues. If teens think that they should be very thin and that is not their...
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